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New Horizon Learning Academy

In today’s fast-paced world, finding the right educational and recreational programs for our children can be a daunting task. However, New Horizon Learning Academy stands out as a sign of excellence in providing high-quality care and education for children and youth.

At New Horizon Learning Academy, the focus is on tailoring programs to meet the unique needs, abilities, and interests of every child. With teams of caring and knowledgeable professionals, the academy ensures that developmentally appropriate activities are planned to foster growth and learning in a supportive environment. One of the hallmarks of New Horizon Learning Academy is its commitment to cleanliness and security. With video surveillance throughout the entire school and a secure facility accessible only via code entry, parents can have peace of mind knowing their children are in a safe environment.

The academy prides itself on implementing the Frog Street curriculum, which is designed to provide age appropriate activities tailored to each child’s individual developmental milestones. From language development to mathematics and reading readiness, scholars are exposed to a diverse range of experiences that combine learning with appreciation for nature, science, art, and music. The well rounded program at New Horizon Learning Academy includes activities such as sand and water play, cooking, and exercise to promote large muscle development and coordination. Curriculum plans are posted daily, ensuring transparency and keeping parents informed about their child’s learning journey.

Central to the philosophy of New Horizon Learning Academy is the belief that every child deserves a nurturing environment that prepares them for their transition into “big school.” Through positive reinforcement, peer interactions, and a love for learning, the academy strives to instill a sense of curiosity and self-confidence in each child.

With a non-discriminatory policy and enrollment filled on a first-come, first-served basis, New Horizon Learning Academy welcomes families from all walks of life. The academy’s low child-to-teacher ratio ensures that each child receives personalized attention and support to reach their full potential. Moreover, the experienced teachers at New Horizon Learning Academy play an active role in shaping the educational experience of each child. With certifications in CPR, Pediatric First Aid, and ongoing training in early childhood education, the faculty is equipped with the skills and knowledge to create a stimulating learning environment.

Enrolling your child in New Horizon Learning Academy is not just a decision about early education; it’s an investment in their future. With a focus on nurturing development in a secure and loving environment, the academy provides the foundation for lifelong learning and success. Give your child the gift of a head start at New Horizon Learning Academy, where learning is an adventure filled with discovery and growth.

For more information on enrollment and to schedule a tour, call (504) 273-1573 or (504) 780-2444. You can also visit the school at their two locations:

New Horizon 1
1344 Lake Ave., Metairie

New Horizon 2
4820 Wabash St., Metairie