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Uptown Pediatric Dentistry: The Right Pediatric Dental Care for Kids

“Starting kids at the right dentist, at the right time, in the right way, can make a difference for a lifetime of oral and overall health,” says Dr. Susan Fallahi, Board Certified Pediatric Dentist at Uptown Pediatric Dentistry. For more than 14 years, Dr. Susan has been working in pediatric dentistry and creating a safe space for children in her dentist chair. Just as you would take your child to visit their pediatrician every year for their annual checkup, you should also be taking them to their pediatric dentist twice a year for their semi-annual dental checkup and teeth cleaning. Dental checkups should begin as soon as your child breaks in their first tooth, or turns one, whichever comes first.

At first glance, pediatric dentistry sounds similar to family dentistry. And in a way, it is. A pediatric dentist practices oral health like a family dentist, but they’re kid-experts too! They treat plaque buildup, tooth decay, check on gum health and tooth development, and are extremely kid-friendly. Pediatric dentists understand child behaviors and know how to make young patients feel safe and comfortable, especially on their first visit. They’re trained to handle dental issues specific to little mouths from infancy through adolescence. Moreover, they’re trained to treat children with special needs. 

A pediatric dentist can better address issues specific to toddlers, such as using a pacifier, thumbsucking, and bottle feeding. Since baby teeth get cavities too, it’s best to have them treated by a pediatric dentist to prevent further problems.

Dr. Susan has been taking care of your littles for over a decade. She is passionate about pediatric dentistry and seeks to create a welcoming and safe environment for your kiddos. In addition, her husband, Adam Dennis, a New Orleans-based writer has the perfect book to help your child get excited about visiting the dentist and starting healthy habits. “Gary and the Tooth Fairy” is a book that teaches children about the importance of good nutrition, healthy dental habits, and the ins and outs of a dental office.

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